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Hi I am Melissa Handrich and 24 years https://bstincontri.it/i-migliori-siti-di-incontri-cristiani/ old. Whilst I was studying at university I discovered that baking and cooking is my hidden superpower. Because my favourite past time is cooking and baking, every free minute I spend thinking of new recipes and cooking up new creations in my kitchen. Sometimes the results are good and sometimes the results are bad (but taste good) . 😀

When I was really small my family and I moved out of Germany and we traveled the world. When I was 9 we moved to Malaysia for 4 years and after that we moved back to Germany and I https://bstdating.de/paar-sucht-ein-ehepaar-alsace/ visited a German school again. After that time we moved to beautiful north of England for 9 months. Sadly we couldn’t stay there for a long time and had to go back „home“. After all these beautiful times we moved to China for 2.5 years. In a „small“ town (9 Million citizens 😉 ) Province and previous emperor city Nanjing.

There I finished my IB and after all that was finished I moved to London and studied graphic design.
Unfortunatly through all the traveling I don’t feel really „German“ or „English“ nor „Asian“, I am a true ‚bilingual TCK‘ – Third Culture Kid. Which of the various cultures my third one is, I can’t say because honestly I don’t know. Throughout the years I have gotten more „international“ rather than being one single culture. job I have saved a piece of every culture in my soul.

The extra ordinary experiences that I was lucky enough to experience in my life have shaped and moulded my into the person that I am today. Especially me as a human, my personality and my culinary experiences e.g. hot food, extraordinary food, food stories, fish eyes, chicken hearts etc.

Yes, here you will read many recipe stories from around the world, funny stories and also restaurant reviews are planned.
The time in Asia has really shaped me and I want to share the recipes and also the food highlights from my travels.

Lovely that you have stumbled onto my blog, and I hope you have as much fun reading as I have writing a работа d remembering the stories.


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